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Feb 23, 2011

Transferring feature licenses on BigIP

Does anyone have any experience transferring license options from one BigIP to another? We have a need to move (or uninstall) four WebAccelerator licenses from several F5's and re-install them on some others. Thank you.

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  • The licenses are bound to the hardware so you cannot move a license between units. You can contact your F5 salesperson or partner for details on this.



  • Please correct me if I am mistaken but If I order 4 BIG-IP LTMs & 2 GTM licenses, the GTM licenses are add ins. When licensing, the dossier which is sent to F5 contains the add-ins so F5 can validate that I have only installed the GTM licenses on 2 of the LTM's. To move the GTM licenses as llm32514 wishes, F5 has to reauthorize the use of the add-in licenses on the new device. Even if I re-validate the license for the BIG-IP LTMs without the GTM add-in, F5 will not automatically see that the license has been removed from use so that it can be used in a different device.



  • In v10 you can enable and disable different modules (under System > Resource Provisioning). It is my guess that you would need to disable the module and then probably perform a Re-Activate (under System > License) to clear the license from a device.



    But as hoolio stated, these license are tied specifically to the device so you would still need to work with an F5 Sales Person (if not open up a case with F5) to either get the license freed up, or another license issued to you.



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    The license is tied to the unit by serial number. You cannot "transfer" the licenses between units. Contact your sales representative and they should be able to help you out.