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Oct 19, 2018

too many redirects

have the iRule below and the page is coming back with too many redirects - I'm new to iRules - is this iRule creating a loop?


when HTTP_REQUEST { if {[http_host] equals ""} { HTTP::redirect "; } }


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  • Firstly, your syntax isn't correct

    should be
    . Secondly you do not need a semicolon after the redirect.

    That said - you are issuing a redirect to a Host, based on the condition that the request matches the same Host header - therefore creating a loop.

    If you just want to amend the URI you can use the following iRule. Alternatively, this can be achieved using a Local Traffic Profile.

    when HTTP_REQUEST { 
        if {[HTTP::host] equals ""} { 
            HTTP::uri "/wps/portal/e2018/"