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Jul 17, 2019

TMSH Command via Python SDK

I was hoping to get some assistance in executing TMSH commands via the Python SDK. From the documentation i can easily execute any BASH command but i'm struggling with TMSH commands.

I need to execute the following including console output.

run /cm config-sync to-group Syncfailover

and slso check the status with

show /cm sync-status

  1. Expected console output for show
  2. CM::Sync Status
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Color    green
  5. Status   In Sync
  6. Summary
  7. Details
  8.          /Common/ connected (for 2548 seconds)
  9.          /Common/sync-fail-test (In Sync):
  10.           - all 2 devices consistent
  11.          /Common/device_trust_group (In Sync):
  12.           - all 2 devices consistent

The Documentation doesn't really give a noob like me information for achieving above. They only mention a very simple example in saving a config. ie'save')

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    Hope this helps.