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Sep 16, 2011

Time based pop-up

Hi all,



I've been searching around and haven't been having much luck to try and find the following.




Basically I want a iRule that creates a pop-up box between a certain time, my first thought was javascript injection, something along the lines of:




script type="text/javascript">alert("This site will be down for maintenance from 2am until 8am.")



But of course I would like this to start at 1am and finish at say 2.05am.




Any ideas?



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  • Rather than doing a pop-up you could do an initial notification upon connection that would advise them of your maintenance and then after a short time direct them to the original destination page.



    There is a discussion thread with some iRule Examples here:

  • I did some additional digging.



    There is a way to do what it is you are looking for using Code Injection. There is a a Video of Colin and Joe talking about code injection here:




    That will lead you here were several different techniques are discussed:




    Hope this helps.