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Oct 16, 2020

tcp echo

Hi Team ,


I am not sure how tcp echo works , I believe it try to set up the session on port 7 for a destination , I noticed that tcp echo is address check monitor I believe we can assign the same either with node default monitor or use as node member specific

As following below article I have created virtual server listening on port 7 and then created a custom tcp echo monitor with alias address 7 and transparent option selected yes , however noticed that for that node monitoring was failing .

In monitor f5 use self IP as a source , However in that case what would be the source Self Ip as VIp and self Ip are in same subnet .

I tried to run tcpdump via using node Ip and Virtual address did not get nothing .

So please let me know how TCP echo works , is precondition that node/server listen on port 7 and what would be the source ip if we create a custom tcp monitor for virtual server or any internet based destination ?

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