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Mar 04, 2011

TCP and UDP virtual servers with same IP/Port on GTM

Hi guys,



I have GTM 1600 running BIGIP-10.2.0, and I want balance virtual servers on Cisco CSS loadbalancer. They are with same IP and port number, but one is TCP and the other one is UDP. I find that the best way is to add one virtual server to GTM but with two monitors (TCP and UDP). The TCP monitor works fine, but the UDP monitor is not!!!! I simulate failure by suspending the UDP vip on cisco loadbalancer, but the UDP monitor does not go down.. any idea, or better config i need to change??



Cisco config:



content File


port 1241

protocol tcp


vip address





content Prov


port 1241


protocol udp


vip address





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  • I'd suggest making a support case. I recall using a UDP-only monitor and having similar issues. As I read the link below, it makes me wonder whether your monitor isn't failing because you're not getting an icmp unreachable reply. With UDP, a timeout simply might not induce a failure.


  • Thanks Chris,



    I temporarily updated the TCP content "File" to monitor both TCP and UDP 1241 on the CSS loadbalance, and the GTM will monitor content "File" via TCP monitor only.


    If UDP or TCP service port1241 fails on the server >> content "File" will go down on Cisco loadbalancer >> TCP monitor on GTM against the cisco loadbalancer service will fail.