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Mar 30, 2020

syslog hostname

Hello everyone

I've configured my devices to send all logs to a remote log server. For some reason the LTM logs include the hosts FQDN yet OS level logs only include the hostname. I've pasted two entries below. The first one shows the FQDN being logged whereas the one below only only contains the hostname.

For example:

Mar 30 01:22:22 info systemd[1]: Started Cleanup of Temporary Directories.

Mar 30 11:34:04 foo warning tmm[18033]: 01260009:4: Connection error: ssl_passthru:5241: not SSL (40)

Is there any way to standardise the hostname for all logs?

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  • So it looks like there are templates for some some log files in the syslog-ng.conf yet others don't use the template. I'm hesitant to edit the syslog-ng.conf file manually as it can be updated by tmsh.