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May 26, 2011

Support for CIFS Quotas

There has been requests for the ARX to support CIFS quotas.



I took the time to integrate Northern ParkLife's Storage Suite product for Disk Quotas.



A description of the solution is found at this URL:



Northern Storage Suite (NSS) monitors the ARX Virtual Service CIFS share. When a particular directory quota is hit, NSS emails the user with a link to the directory in question.



NSS also invokes an ACL change to the directory to restrict file access. The user can remove files on their own to clear the enforced quota. Conversely the Admin could raise the quota ceiling for that user or group. In either case when the quota is relieved the ACL restriction is removed and the users have full control again.



I wrote a Deployment Guide for this solution. You can find the guide at this URL:



For this solution NSS does not rely on proprietary filer APIs like other vendors do.



If you were looking for CIFS quota support with the ARX take a look at NSS.





Bob Blair




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