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Apr 15, 2012

Subject ALternative Name SSL Certificate for Exchange 2010

Hi all,




Can anyone point me to the link for F5 Certificate request for Exchange 2010. We will be using Single Virtual IP Address? So it will be a Subject Alternate Name Certificate (SAN) for all exchange services.


I have tried to look for the information but did not find the step-by-step details. Any help would be appreciated!









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  • Hi Fawad,



    Here are steps for generating a SAN CSR on LTM:



    sol11438: Creating SSL SAN certificates and CSRs (9.x - 11.0.0)




    In 11.1 you can do this via the GUI:



    SOL13471: Creating SSL SAN certificates and CSRs (11.1.x)




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    Hi Fawad, Hi Aaron,


    In Version 11.4 HF4 the generation of SAN certificates doesn't work via GUI. If you check the GUI generated CSR the SAN section is missing in CSR. Via command line with openssl it works without problems.