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Mar 07, 2012

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) Certificates

Hi All,



We're about to install a SAN certificate for a series of FQDN's on the F5.



I've followed F5's guide on how to generate the CSR for SAN certificates but not sure what happens when I need to add a new FQDN to the existing SAN certificate further down the track???






CSR generated with following FQDN's:









Several months later the client has a requirement to also add in another FQDN



Do I have to re-generate the CSR again and get a new SAN certificate from the CA vendor to cover all four FQDN's now???










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  • Hi Andy,



    Yes, if the SAN list needs to change you need to generate a new CSR and get a new certificate. You could reuse the same private key or generate a new one with the new CSR.