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Nov 18, 2010

Sticky between Virtual Hosts




We run an e-Commerce web site. Our primary domain is (port 80) which serves the catalog. Customer adds a product to the cart and then moves to (port 443) and completes checkout there.



I want sticky persistence profile across the two virtual host in the sense that a customer landing on a particular server member on vhost lands on the same member in vhost during checkout. This is required to retain sessions.



We are using LTM3600 F5. On the load balancer, I have tried following configuration of these virtual hosts so far but I am not sure if the customers are landing on the same server or not. -> pool1 -> 10 members -> pool 2 -> 10 members



In this case, the pools are diffrent but members as same
 -> pool1 -> 10 members -> pool 1 -> 10 members



In this case, the pools are same and members are same -> pool1 -> 10 members -> pool 2 -> 5 members



In this case, the pools are different and some members are common and some members are unique to pools.



Could you please advise how the load balancer sticky profile will behave in the 3 scenarios above and what should I do to have best configuration?



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  • have u tried this one?



    SOL5837: Match Across options for session persistence