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Apr 06, 2011

Static content http max age not being set

It appears the Big IP is overriding the http max age being set by the web servers. Can I create an iRule setting (or does one exist) for setting the max age for content such as css, js, image.


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  • Are you referring to the session timeout?



    The Default is 5 minutes.



    If so you can adjust the setting on the BigIP Virutal Server - Protocol Profile (Client) and Protocol Profile (Server). By default the Protocol Profile (Server) will default and use the same profile as the Protocol Profile (Client).



    You can create a custom TCP Profile (Local Traffic -> Profiles -> Protocol) and adjust the Idle Timeout to meet or exceed your web server session timeout.
  • If you are referring to the "Cache-Control: maxage=x, s-maxage=x" HTTP headers, by _default_ the BigIP won't touch any of these. There are three exceptions:



    1. You have WebAccelerator configured on the VIP,


    2. You have an iRule either changing or removing the header from the response, or


    3. You have RAM caching on in the HTTP profile configured on the VIP and it is ignoring the maxage and no-cache headers to store a local copy in memory.



    In the last case, it won't _alter_ the maxage header, but depending on how its configured it may cache data beyond the maxage value.



    If you're not referring to Cache-Control, then the message above applies. :>