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Feb 07, 2023

SSL profile

Hello ,

I'm a beginner on F5, I'll explain my problem , I have a backend server with a certificate, the VS is configured in standard mode with a half open TCP monitor, however when the client connects to the VS, it's KO , I changed the mode of the VS to FastLayer4 and there it is operational, access OK, my question I have to configure a client/server ssl profile, is it mandatory? to work with standard mode  ? what's the best practices ?


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  • Poseidon1974 Can you provide the configuration of the virtual server, the associated pool, and associated SSL profiles when it isn't working and then another output of when it is working please? Feel free to scrub any names and IPs from the configuration that you do not believe are important to the configuration.

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      thank you for the answer, for information the VS must be accessible on the https port, and the pool listens on port 1728, and as I said, the VS is configured as standard type, with a tcp half open monitor, more a certificate, my question, do I also have to configure client/server ssl profile or not? also, when I configured the VS in fast layer 4, it works, my question what are the best practices?


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        Poseidon1974 You question depends on the exact configuration of the virtual server. Switching from Standard to FastL4 would not make a difference on the base configuration of these two types of virtual servers. If you can provide the CLI output or screenshots of the GUI configuration we should be able to assist you further.