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Apr 05, 2011

SSL for Portal Logon

user <---> F5 <---> SAP Portal






We have a requirement that if the user tries to access the SAP Portal over HTTP without authenticating, the Portal logon page should be sent back to the user over HTTPS. Once logged on, the user should continue with HTTP based access. HTTPS is not required further.



Is this something we can configure in BIG-IP product? Or would this require some scripting?



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    Hi Shehryar, that's a pretty straightforward iRule. You can check for the presence of the authentication cookie and if it'a not there, redirct the user to HTTPS, and specifically the login page. You may have to also detect the login page and revert the user back to HTTP.



    The other option would be to use BIG-IP APM module. With APM, protecting authentication with SSL becomes far more trivial and wouldn't require any iRule.