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Dec 28, 2010


Hi all,



I've been searching in the forums and bigip guides but I didn't find how to configure a VIP in order to balance SSH connections between a pool of two members, the port I'm using in VS an pool members is 22 but I think is not enough.



When a I try to do:



ssh X.X.X.X (vs IP)



There is no response.



But when I do:



telnet x.x.x.x 22



I connect to it without problem.



Vs config:


virtual vs_X.X.X.X_http {


pool TEST_http


destination X.X.X,X:http


ip protocol tcp












Do you know if I have to add something more in the configuration?



Thank you so much!!!









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  • Sorry, I've made a mistake, the VS configuration is:



    virtual vs_X.X.X.X_22 {



    pool TEST_22



    destination X.X.X,X:22



    ip protocol tcp














  • You've got an HTTP profile bound to the virtual server. Get rid of that, leaving it just with tcp - this is why you're able to telnet to the vip as well: with an HTTP pfofile bound to it, it'll establish a three way handshake and sit there until you send HTTP data, or it times out. Once you make this a pure TCP virtual server it'll work.



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      Still didnt get your answer, Matt. Could you explain more specific please?


      have setup like this on my virtual server, but still doesnt work.


      "http profile: none"


      "Source address translation=none"