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Apr 05, 2011

Split out clients using the Citrix Receiver w/ iRule

We want to use the same url for all our Citrix clients to access our Citrix environment. This works fine for full browser clients. When a client uses the Citrix Receiver app (ipad, iphone, etc) the app needs to be configured to go to due to how Citrix works. My preference is for mobile users to also be able to use to simplify user/app setup.



Is the following irule the best way to redirect the receiver clients to the correct URL? I want non receiver clients to continue to go to their requested url of





if { [HTTP::header User-Agent] contains "CitrixReceiver" } {


HTTP::redirect "" }





Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    If you're 100% confident that the User-Agent will always have CitrixReceiver in it (precisely like that, case and all) then yes, that would work just fine. You might want to consider using string tolower on the HTTP::header portion of this, just in case.