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Nov 16, 2016

Splash page with text from an external source in an iRule?

Hey All,


I'm looking to see if there is an easy way for the F5 receive partial content from an external source via a splash page within an irule or APM policy. So for instance, one would see a welcome message splash page with some text that is on the F5, but underneath the welcome message there would more text, like an outage message, but from an external source (outside the f5).




SPLASH PAGE Welcome to my site click to continue.. blah blah blah <-text in the irule


NOTIFICATION OF OUTAGE ON CHRISTMAS <--text grabbed from outside source


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  • ahh thanks!. I was looking towards another method instead of an ifile, if there was one.


  • If you need additional information for the page, you can retrieve it using a sideband connection. You should always make the target of the sideband a Virtual Server. The pool attached to that VS would be the server (or servers) from which you want to grab the actual content. A VS target is far more flexible and forgiving. Of course, your connection is raw TCP transport, so you manually need to iterate past the HTTP headers (I'm assuming you're using HTTP here).


  • Oh, and incidentally, you could still use an iFile (or set of iFiles), if you wished. You could use the iCall periodic method to grab text from a remote server (

    tmsh modify sys file ifile
    should support http retrieval, or you could write the retrieved text to the local filesystem and read from there). This method is less complex than the iRule sideband connection, but less suitable if the inserted message is likely to change frequently.