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Jun 25, 2012

SPDY documentation v11.2


New in 11.2.0


Google Chrome support


This release provides full support for current releases of the Google Chrome browser.


SPDY profile


With a special Early Access license, this release provides a Local Traffic Manager SPDY profile that you can use for evaluation and testing. This version of the SPDY profile is not intended for production use. Documentation for the options and settings of this profile can be found in the respective Traffic Management Shell (tmsh) man pages, the Traffic Management Shell (tmsh) Reference Guide, and the accompanying SPDY Implementations reference. Should you encounter any problems with this functionality, please contact your F5 Networks representative. Resolution of any software defects found in this version may appear in a future release.


The 11.2 Traffic Management Shell (tmsh) Reference Guide can be found here


Unfortunately I cannot find any references to "the accompanying SPDY Implementations reference"


Can anyone help?


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  • Hi Perry,



    Neither can I. Let me ask about this and get back to you. I imagine it just hasn't been published yet.



  • Hi Perry,



    Apparently once you get an early access license, they include the implementation guide with the license. You can contact your F5 or partner account manager or SE to request an EA license and the guide. I've requested to have the release notes updated to include this info to make it clearer.



    If you have any issues getting a license or the guide, email me (aaron at f5 dot com) with your contact info as well as your account team info and I'll check into it.



  • Thanks Aaron



    I had a resposnse from my partner regarding the license aspect, so I'll make sure I ask for the docs at the same time just to be sure.



    As it looks a 'beta' feature I'll probably only give this a go on our lab edition VM rather than the production boxes.