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Dec 06, 2011

source_address persistence question

looking to add persistence to a VIP for all incoming source addresses with the exception if address = or I don't want persistence for these two network so they would be round-robin



i was thinking of something like this but would like confirmation prior to implementing the irule.



virtual xyz {


snat automap


pool foo




ip protocol tcp


persist source_addr


profile http tcp


rules rule_persist_exception





rule rule_persist_exception {




if {([IP::addr [IP::remote_addr] equals]) or


([IP::addr [IP::remote_addr] equals])} {


persist none








thanks in advance this is by far the best forum on the internet!


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  • the irule looks fine for me.



    by the way, if you do not need to parse http header or delayed binding, http profile can be removed from the virtual server.
  • Thanks nitass!


    I also have iRule i didn't show in the virtual for HTTP_REQUEST if there are no members available in the pool return a "sorry page" basically that is why the http profile is on the VS


    thanks for having a look!