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Jun 12, 2012

SNMPv3 Privacy Options

Greetings all,


When I went to configure LTM v11.2 for SNMPv3, I noticed that the only availble privacy protocols were AES and DES. Trying to find out if there is anyway to get the LTM to allow SNMPv3 to use 3DES.







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  • From the link


    Privacy >> ProtocolAES


    NoneThis option specifies the encryption algorithm that will be used to encrypt the SNMPv3 data payload.

    The AES encryption method was introduced in version 11.1.0, and made the default value. Prior to 11.1.0, DES is the default encryption method.

    Note: For AES protocol, only AES128 is supported. AES192 and AES256 are not supported. For more information, refer to the Net-SNMP article listed in the Supplemental Information section.