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Mar 28, 2012

SNAT or SNAT pool with source port translation

The LTM is running version 10.2.



I'm trying to make traffic originating from two servers with the same destination IP address and tcp port come out of the LTM as a single source IP address and a single source tcp port.



I have no problems with the source IP address translation. I've made that work with a SNAT pool through the virtual server or through a regular SNAT.



The problem I'm having is with making the two source ports from the two servers go out as a single source port into the network.



Traffic Origin:



SNAT address:






I need traffic from both servers to hit the destination as:




(I would like source port translation to be dynamic but the same for both servers)





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  • How would you want it handled when client1 has a serverside connection open via the specific SNAT IP:port to the destination IP:port and client2 then wants to open a connection using the same IP:port quadruple? I could see this working for UDP, but not sure how it could work for TCP.