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Oct 25, 2011

SNAT object in 2 partitions

Hi F5 fans,


I am facing transfering configuration from old 9.4.8 to new 10.1.x with partitions/route domains.


Problem is that now virtual servers are divided between two partitions and I see that SNAT pools aren't separately used, but are "mixed" between Virt. servers from one and other partition.


Do you think it can be problem, that I have created on each partition SNAT pools (with 1 IP) with different name, but with the same IP address?


Each Virtual server does SNAT and FWs are opened for IPs from SNAT pool, se keeping src. snat IPs is quite prefered.



On F5 is only one trunk interface (2 vlans + HA) connected to FW.


Thanks for advices, hope that I explained it understandably.