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Jan 27, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 and F5 - Help

Good Afternoon,



I wonder if you can help



I have inherited a sharepoint 2010 farm tha has two web applications running to two diffrent ports.



I have created an external VIP that points at the backend poolmember/port with the relevant SSL cert etc.



I have published an FQDN that points to the external address.



When I connect I get prompted for the Login box and thats as far as it gets just sits and timeouts the web browser shows connecting after inputing the username and password.



Any ideas?



Kind Regards,





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    hi Greg, have you deployed using the deployment guide for SharePoint found here:



    Are you using NTLM authentication, and if so, are you also using a Oneconnect profile on the virtual server? If so, you'll need to specify an NTLM connection pool to make authentication work correctly.