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Oct 27, 2011

setting VS to use UDP and TCP profiles under SIP

Currently I have a setup that I receive a TCP message similar to a sending messages with netcat or telnet, that needs to be turned into UDP and sent across a network, I will then turn it back to TCP which is processed and then a reply is sent. To make the TCP -> UDP conversion I use a sideband connection from the VS and send it to a UDP virtual server which happily receives the message, however when I then forward this message on and wait for a response I am losing messages because when a sideband connection is waiting for a response the collect does not continue.



I have been told that this could be possible using a SIP profile and using TMSH setting one profile as TCP and the other as UDP which would be nice and straight forward however I am currently struggling at trying to set this up and test it?



Could you give me some pointers and if this is possible?








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