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Apr 23, 2020

Server Side SSL profile not match with Client side SSL profile?

HI,   I have two queries here,   1, I have Client side and server side SSL profile, but Client side it is CA) and server side it is (self sign cert)and using respect...
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    Apr 23, 2020



    Normally client SSL profile is used to build SSL channel between client and F5 VS. So certificate and key uploaded under client ssl should be specific to the domain/site to which the profile is applied. e.g. in your case, If this certificate expires or wrong certificate is mapped, then client will start getting warning related to certificates. Server SSL profile enables secure connection between F5 and backend web server. The certificate settings under server SSL is optional. Default is set to none unless you need mutual authentication with the pool members. Once you configure SSL server on VS, F5 act as SSL client.




    Coming to your second query,


    There are few settings related to Server Authentication under Server SSL profile


    One of the setting under this tab is - Server Certificate - this implies how the system handles server certificates. Default setting is set to 'ignore'. With this, F5 ignores certificate from the backend server, completes SSL handshake and turns off Server Authentication. You should be able to see certificate expiration logs under /var/log/ltm.


    I would recommend you to go through below articles to get more clarity and options available under client and server SSL profiles.



    Hope it helps!