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Nov 27, 2020

sequence about persistence cookie & irules

thank for your assistance for my question


i wanna to decide the sequence between cookie and irules, because we found the following question:


we used irules to make effort that transfer specific pool according to different path using irules attaching to virtual server, but we found path "/g" insert cookie name "A" about path "/api" , in fact , it should insert cookie "B".


so we want to know which is the first match about cookie and path in rules when client arrive at F5 after inserted cookie ??


this is the irules code as follows:



    if { [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/g" } {

    persist cookie insert "A" "0d 00:05:00"

      pool pool_A


    elseif { [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/api" } {

    persist cookie insert "B" "0d 00:05:00"

      pool pool_B



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