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Feb 17, 2011

send traffic to all pool members

Hi, I would like to use LTM to send some traffic to all pool members at the same time (no health check needed). This is similar to a previous post: I am thinking an alternative approach is a virtual address with a single pool and pool member. The pool member is the network broadcast address of the pool member subnet (e.g. This traffic should be received by all pool members. Do you think it's feasible? Thanks. Albert

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  • Hi Albert,



    What's the protocol? Do you want no, one or multiple response(s) to go back directly to the client through or bypassing LTM?



    I'm not sure using a broadcast address will work as LTM will send an ARP broadcast for the pool member IP. If it doesn't get an answer, no packets will be sent.



  • Hi Aaron,



    Just a single UDP port.



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