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Aug 13, 2017

Seeking easiest way to get iQuery grid working, with new GTM being added

Hi, all - we have a BIG-IP DNS controller we're trying to add to our iquery grid - but it has a newer TMOS (and thus newer big3d) version than our existing GTMs and LTMs.


  • Existing GTMs: 11.5.2 final
  • New GTM: 11.5.4
  • Existing LTMs: 11.5.2 final (match the existing GTMs)

For logistical reasons, I'd like to avoid upgrading TMOS on all the existing equipment at this point.


The articles say to make sure you're GTMs are all at the same TMOS version - but I see in the answers that people are successful as long as all the GTMs have the same big3d version (and the LTMs have that big3d version or newer). Is that true, based on your experience, that GTMs can in fact be at slightly different versions, as long as the big3d installs match?


If so - and looking for the quickest/easiest path here - is it possible to install a back-leveled 11.5.2 version of big3d on the new GTM? big3d_install script won't do it, because it detects the newer 11.5.4 version of big3d on the new GTM. Is there a manual procedure that will permit back-leveling of big3d?


If not - I assume it would work to upgrade just big3d on the existing GTMs and all the LTMs, to match the new GTM?


Barring that, is it necessary to back-level the TMOS version on the new GTM to 11.5.2, just to get that older version of big3d? That will involve a trip to the unmanned data center, to build it from scratch again, since the existing 11.5.4 config won't copy into the older 11.5.2 boot image.


Of course, eventually, we'll update all this equipment - but as a holding position, would like to get this new GTM in with as little perturbation as possible.




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  • Before you add the new GTM, make sure the GTM is running the same code version as the existing GTM (11.5.2) and this should prevent any issues. You don't have to build it from scratch. You should be able to load the newer code version in a new volume within the GTM and copy the configuration over to the newer volume using "cpcfg HD1.x"


    The idea of running a GTM mesh with different big3d is fraught with risks and if something breaks and if you open up a case with F5, the first thing they will tell you is to make sure the big3d version matches.