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Nov 23, 2011

Script to duplicate

We are going through a DR implementation and need to re-ip the production big-ip vips from a 10.x.x.x to a 172.x.x.x. What I'm thinking is that I can copy the config and chagne the ip's there but would like some input (gotchas and watchouts).





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  • Hi Chris,



    I think something like this would work:



    - back up the existing DR unit config to a UCS using 'b config save dr.ucs' or 'tmsh save /sys ucs dr.ucs'


    - export the production config to an SCF using 'b export prod.scf' or 'tmsh save /sys scf prod.scf'(v10) or 'tmsh save /sys scf my.config.scf' (v11)


    - copy the SSL certs/keys from /config/ssl/ to the DR unit


    - edit the SCF on the DR unit to modify the IPs and load them using 'b import prod.scf' or 'tmsh load sys config' (v10) or 'tmsh load /sys scf my.config.scf' (v11)



    If your DR site is a single unit, you would need to modify the HA config.