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Feb 08, 2024

Script Query - ports check

I have a server 1 with many apps that are will be talking to apps on server 2.  Requests will route through an F5. I have created a script to check the ports towards the F5, but how can we check that we have the ports opened from the F5 towards apps on servers 2? Is there a way we can check this?

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  • You may need to provide some more information here. For instance, where is the script run and what does it do? What ports are you checking? Are you checking to see if the backend pool member resource is responding? Are you checking connectivity across the network and potentially across firewalls other security policies? Are you running this in a cloud environment or on-prem? There are many questions :)

    I usually get the relevant information from app teams on pool members and services for VIP creation and check the monitor status with a simply TCP health check to begin. If it’s Red then I get network teams and app teams involved, and assist with tshoot using Curl, tcpdump, etc.

  • cmcnicholas I feel that you have some information missing in your question. Typically if traffic between devices traverses an F5 and isn't load balanced you would have a forwarding virtual server that forwards all traffic excluding other virtual servers that the F5 has configured for load balancing traffic to a specific destination IP. You should not have to check any ports that are allowed because that forward virtual server is a catchall that forwards everything that hits it.