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Apr 24, 2012

Script for create monitos/pools/profiles/vip

Hi,We will have atleast weekly 5 to 6 requests for create VIP's on LTM,in previous version 9.x and 10.x,we used do with "b virtual...." some thing like to cretae its bit easy. Coming from v11x ,we don't have option to urn the b shell,so we are facing chalange to cretae vips/monitos/pools/profiles. Can please let me know how we can use TMSH scpirt for create monitors/pools/profiles/vips on 11.x.

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  • Hi Sinivas,



    You can definitely replace the bigpipe commands with tmsh. Here's a link to the wiki and a few examples to get started:








  • i Aaron,



    Thanks for infor,but example given for pool and vip creation even still not clear for me might because of new to the script.



    Can you please give script on VIP for port 80 and 443 with following example





    DNS name:


    VIP name:vip_xyz_80 and vip_xyz_443


    VIP IP: on port 80 & 443


    pool name:pool_xyz_80


    pool IP: ;


    http monitors :


    Send string : GET /ping/ping.jsp HTTP/1.1\nHost:\nConnection: close\n\n


    Receive string :pong


    http profile with fall backhost of and SSL profile.