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Apr 25, 2011

save_configuration questions

Hi folks,



I am synchronizing active & passive F5 switches using iControl.dll via the following piece of code:



interfaces.SystemConfigSync.save_configuration("/config/bigip.conf", iControl.SystemConfigSyncSaveMode.SAVE_HIGH_LEVEL_CONFIG);



Three questions:



1) This code does not seem to be working, i.e. no error thrown but sync does not happen -- what is the best way to find out any error that may have been encountered during the process.



2) Does sync require full admin access or can the sync be granted to any account? We would not like to have admin access to the script that does the sync as it takes machines out of rotation and puts them back in.



3) I am taking machines out of rotation (i.e. out of service), and putting them back in, I think high level sync is sufficient, but is there a way to find out whether it is, or do I need full sync?










2 Replies

  • First off, the save_configuration() method does not issue a config sync. It merely flushes the configuration from the configuration engines memory to the disk configuration files (bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf). Essentially the save_configuration call is issuing the equivalent of the "bigpipe save" and "bigpipe base save" CLI commands.



    If you desire a sync between boxes, you'll want to use the System.ConfigSync.sync_configuration() method. That will trigger the equivalent of a "bigpipe config sync" CLI command.



    Hope this helps...





  • Ah. That explains. Thanks a lot. I was wondering if I could still understand the difference between basic & full sync, and if admin privileges are necessary for the operation?