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Jan 16, 2017

Run a sync-config from iCall



I am wrinting a iCall which modify the configuration with tmsh::modify.


I have a cluster of Big-IP so after the command tmsh::modify change the configuration, I have to run a config-sync.


My question is how to run a config-sync from a iCall? I can not find any command unless maybe with exec.


Thank you.




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  • You could try this:

    tmsh::modify cm device-group  devices modify {  { set-sync-leader } }

    or on version 12.1.0 and above:

    tmsh::run cm config-sync force-full-load-push to-group 

    More information on running a sync from the command line can be found here:

  • Hi,

    I'm also interested in that topic.

    I've used that "run cm ... " command many times, but always interactively from TMSH. It asks me : "Force a full load sync?" As a response, I press "y".

    Now, I'd like to use it via iCall, but I don't know whether it will "ask" the same question or it will "recognise" the command was passed by a non-interactive process and therefore "presume" some answer (and if so, which one?). If it won't recognise it and expect an answer entered interactively, will the command simply fail or will it "hang" in the background?

    Sadly, I don't have a lab environment where I'd test it.

    If anybody's still willing to answer to this seven-year-old topic, it'd be appreciated.