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Aug 14, 2023

Reverse Proxy

Hello all,

I am new to this site and set of products and am just trying to understand if NGINX Reverse proxy is a solution that will solve my issue and therefore worth exploring.

In brief, we have a system called Mendix which is a cloud system hosted in AWS.  That system needs to connect to our on-premise SAP server webserver, via port 44300, which will then ask for credentials from the SAP side.  I have Azure Application Proxy setup which almost works, but Mendix appears to have issues sending multiple credentials and types of credentials using that system.  Would the NGINX work in a similar way?

We only really need to allow the Mendix cloud app to have access, so would need a way to authenticate just that to gain a connection to the SAP server, which it would then need to authenticate against - this I believe is achievable if using only one type of authentication from the Mendix point of view. 

This is hard to explain, so would be open to a conversation.

Look forward to any responses.


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