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Jun 04, 2020

Reverse Proxy iRule to restrict the access on IP


I have a Virtual Server setup with SSL (client and Server) Profile.


Virtual Server :


There is an extension to this URL for a specific application I want to setup a reverse proxy setup where


From ANY to - Allow

From to - Allow

From ANY to - DENY.


Is that possible with URI based restriction with iRule and how can that be done?





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  • Hello,


    First create one DataGroup list of IP addresses to be allowed and map it under Below iRule.


    when HTTP_REQUEST {

    if {[HTTP::uri] eq "/iauthtoken"} 


    if {not ([class match [IP::client_addr] equals Allow-List])} {

    HTTP::respond 403 content "<html><body>Access not permitted</body></html>" Connection Close






    Above iRule will allow access to mentioned URI from addresses which are part of Allow-List data group. Rest traffic should work w/o any issue.


    Hope it works!