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Jan 05, 2021

REST API Call "PUT" how to Update packet filter rule with IP address and not to replace existing

Hello F5 Developers Community

I have an Issue with f5 API ?

the use case is that i need to add IP address to the Packet filter Policy and not to overwrite to the existing IP addresses through REST API Call


The following API Call that I Use


"curl -sk -u 'username****:password*****' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT -d '{"action":"discard","order":5 ,"rule":"(src host or src host"}' https://f5IPAddress/mgmt/tm/net/packet-filter/~Common~HQ_DENY_ACL?ver=15.1.0 "


And I got the below response:


"{"kind":"tm:net:packet-filter:packet-filterstate","name":"HQ_DENY_ACL","partition":"Common","fullPath":"/Common/HQ_DENY_ACL","generation":8435930,"selfLink":"https://localhost/mgmt/tm/net/packet-filter/~Common~HQ_DENY_ACL?ver=15.1.0","action":"discard","logging":"disabled","order":5,"rule":"(src host or src host"}"


That Shows IP addresses have been added successfuly added if i repeat action with different IPs they overwrite the existing from first action,


I Appreciate if any can support

2 Replies

  • Overwriting the existing rule is expected because the rule is represented as a single string (irrespective of a number of conditions joined by OR). This applies also to the equivalent tmsh command (modify net packet-filter <rule> ".....rule....").

    To modify the rule, you need to GET the rule, compose a new rule from the current configuration, and PUT it.

    I would use jq to create a rule with an additional "src host" (assuming that the rule consists of just "src host xx.xx.xx.xx") like this (SatPktRule is the name of the rule):

    # Informatioal. Check the current rule.
    $ curl -sku $PASS https://$HOST/mgmt/tm/net/packet-filter/SatPktRule | jq '.rule'
    "(src host or src host"
    # Add "src host" to the current
    $ curl -sku $PASS https://$HOST/mgmt/tm/net/packet-filter/SatPktRule | jq '.rule | rtrimstr(")") + " or src host"'
    "(src host or src host or src host"
  • P.S. If you do not need to change the action and order properties, you can use the PATCH command instead. You only need to specify the rule.