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Aug 18, 2011

replicating a 3600 bigip

Hello all,


I need to replace a BIG-IP 3600 ASM machine with a new 3600 machine. I've searched the KB for something alike - but couldn't find a procedure that replicates the machine entirely.



Could you please point me in the right direction?



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  • A couple things:


    Are you using the same software image and hardware?


    Does your new bigip have an ASM license?



    If yes, it might be easier to just bring over the configuration using a UCS archive.
  • Here is more relevant info:



    sol8086: Replacing a BIG-IP system in a redundant pair without interrupting service




    SOL11318: Backing up and restoring BIG-IP LTM, ASM, GTM, PSM, APM, WOM, Link Controller, WebAccelerator or Edge configuration files (v10.x)




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    Thanks for the help, exactly what I was looking for!