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Dec 10, 2021

Remove iAPP without removing components

Hello, I would like to remove an iAPP without removing any of the components it may have created. Is there a way to do this? I don't want the iAPP show up in GUI anymore so someone doesn't modify/change it. The iAPP has virtual server/pools/profiles ..etc which I still like to keep and manage. Just not have iAPP link to it. Appreciate your feedback.



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  • Interesting idea. You can change an iApp from managed control to manual control, but the iApp still exists. What you want is the option to use the iApp for "deployment" only and not "management", which would have to be a new feature request.


    The big problem here, from a design point of view, is you know people are going to use that feature and then want to delete everything the iApp created (for one reason or another), but not have an easy way to do so since it has all become disassociated.


    Anyway, your best option is to open an enhancement request with support.