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Sep 14, 2011

Remote logging default source and how to change it

Hi All,



Could you please tell me what is the default source IP for remote logging, as whith my GTM/LTM boxes, it seems they are randomely pick one. I would like to know.



- What is the default source IP if any?


- How to select one IP to be the source for remote logging?


- Is it possible to make mgmt IP as the source IP? (Optimal solution for me).



Also for snmp traps it seems that boxes using mgmt IPs sometime. However this is not the case always.



Your valuable reply will be highly appreciated,



Thanks & Regards,




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  • can you try this?



    sol12080: Configuring the source IP address for the syslog daemon

  • I never have this problem. That could be because in my case, if the syslog server was on the same VLAN/subnet as of managment VLAN. So bigip used management interface to go out with management IP address.



    If you syslog server is on different subnet then managment, then I think the answer could be in defining a static route. Just a thought...hope this will help. Cheers.
  • what FizzyBoy mentioned would work as well.