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  • Do you mean redirection from e.g. to If yes, then its possible using simple iRule or LTM policy as well.

  • Hi, thank you for your answer...I have tried with iRule but redirection from HTTPS to HTTPS does not seem possible...?

  • Sure. This is applied to an HTTPS VS :

    (and does not work, BigIP complains that the VS is HTTPS and therefore cannot have applied an HTTP_REQUEST iRule)

    when HTTP_REQUEST {

        if { [HTTP::path] contains "superb" } {

         HTTP::redirect ""



  • iRule looks good to me. Are you getting error related to the HTTP profile required on the virtual server while mapping iRule to it. As iRule include HTTP_REQUEST event, it will require http profile on the virtual server. If the error is different, could you please share detailed error snap?

  • No as I said, it is just that the VS that is set as HTTPS does not take the HTTP_REQUEST (and REDIRECT afterwards)...

  • Hi


    Sounds like your VIP is working at Layer 4 and not Layer 7. To be able to inspect the HTTP payload you need to apply SSL profiles to the VIP so that it can decrypt the packets and inspect them at Layer 7 (HTTP)