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Jun 20, 2023

Redirect Spesific URI

so I have a problem where I am asked to add/force the HOST IP to (IP HOST/Specific URI) but I have already done that, the problem is in the server settings which on the server has a redirect URI so no matter what we can access the one that points to his server will redirect to another URL, from the server side it doesn't want any changes, so is there a solution to my problem



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  • Hi Margvin , 
    Could you please explain with more details. 

    you can use Excalidraw web site or APP to draw and express what you need to be implemented. 

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      Also, can you please detail what's configured in your existing scanario? 
      Are you using an iRule to forcefully overwrite the HTTP::host header with server IP? 
      How did it use to work before the change, what changed since and what's the expected behavior?