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Apr 27, 2011

Redirect Big Ip to <servername>:port/name_app

I would like to redirect traffic through the bigip for a application that responds through the url: 7784/app/application



Where the machine ip is



for example: I have a rule that checks if the uri starts with "/ app / application"


if start, then it redirects to the application pool that has a service member and port 7784.



if I try to access the application by the big ip it does not find the page, but if I type 7784/app/application the application is accessed.



Currently I use Oracle WebCache to direct the name to the server that will respond, but I'm willing to take the webcache, and it must pass the rules for big ip



Could anyone help me?

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  • Hi Lucio,



    You could use a switch statement to check the requested host header and/or URI and then select a pool that contains the server IP:port you want to receive the requests. As long as you leave (destination) port translation enabled on the virtual server, LTM will translate the client's destination port to the pool member's port.





  • I am trying this, but isnt working.


    look my rule:



    when HTTP_REQUEST {


    set uri_orig [HTTP::uri]



    if {($uri_orig starts_with "/app/enquete")}{


    log local0. "$uri_orig - pool enquete"


    pool enquete




    else {


    log local0. "$uri_orig - pool outros"


    pool oracle_externo







    where the pool are my servers:port. But the pool isnt answering and I dont know why. I think is a problem of the Oracle, and I want to log to wich server it is redirecting. Do you know how can I do this?