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Sep 12, 2022

Redirect authenticated request

We have two web app with same security-domain

Big-IP set mapping to

User browses received request OK, then we did

HttpServletRequest.login(user, pass)


But web app "dealing" will popup login page, seems authenticated data lost...

If we don't use Big-IP


2. requet.login then repose.redireect to

3. will display home page just like user logined


How to config Big-IP to redirect authenticated request ?


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  • Hi cyclops49 

    You should verify whether the application is setting session cookies that have (or don't have) the domain or path parameters set. If these don't match the various paths and domain correctly then the session doesn't "redirect". You should be able to track this using the network inspector in the browser's dev tools and then compare against the app's configuration.


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      Hi JoshBecigneul

      Thanks for your reply.

      Our app server is JBOSS EAP 7, and we also enable SSO in the server, so if user request

      and login, then redirect to

      we don't need to login again and we could found cooke named JSESSIONIDSSO.

      But if we change ip "" of url to domain  name "" and setup mapping in Big-IP,

      seems JSESSIONIDSSO did not redirect to

      we could not find cookie JSESSIONIDSSO in the browser dev tool and popup login page.

      How  to setup rule of Big-IP to redirect JSESSIONIDSSO ?

      Many thanks.



      • Hi cyclops49 

        It might be a good idea to open a case with Red Hat to get some support in configuring the system to do SSO with a load balancer involved.