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Oct 22, 2010

Reading HTTP::uri with a pound sign

Trying to add to a redirect rule that triggers on the uri of






As you can see, there's a sign near the end of the string. I'm aware that the HTTP::uri variable reads up to the sign and then won't read the rest. Is there a variable i can use, or a way to script the HTTP::uri variable to ignore the as a comment when it reads in the string?


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  • The string after the hash is an anchor tag. HTTP user agents aren't supposed to include the anchor in the URI in requests. So it's not that HTTP::uri strips it off--the browser generally does. You can verify this behavior by using a browser plugin like HttpFox for Firefox or Fiddler.



    Here's a quick confirmation using curl to make a command line request to the virtual server and logging of the HTTP::uri value:



    curl -v ''


    < HTTP_REQUEST>: /test.123



    curl -v ''


    < HTTP_REQUEST>: /test.123my_anchor