How To Read An F5 Security Advisory

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Hello Everyone I am back again to share security knowledge. It’s been a year F5 Security Incident Response Team (F5SIRT) has been publishing F5 Vulnerabilities on quarterly basis. There are lot of improvement in language and content of security advisory of published F5 Vulnerabilities. Although, it is really to digest the information in the security advisory but to make sure no one is left behind, I have recorded videos where I will talk about each and every section of security advisory, right from Title to acknowledgment section. While explaining each and every section, I will also cover few of the commonly asked queries by the customers. You must of have noticed that I have mentioned videos not video in the line above. That is not a typo, let me explain you how ? So far we have been recording all videos in English, but this time we have taken an extra steps to record video in two different languages, English and Hindi. I hope if you have read the article this far then by now you must be exited to watch the video. I will let you watch the videos. I hope you will like it.

English Version:

Hindi Version:

Thank you everyone.


Updated Dec 09, 2022
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