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Apr 28, 2011

Read Configuration from virtual servers




is there a way to read the complete configuration from a virtual server with iControl?



My idea is the backup of a given configuration and a restore later, respectively on an other machine.



bye Andreas


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  • iControl wasn't built to be able to extract the config for a single object. While you could do so by individually querying all the associated get_ methods and storing those values separately, it might be better to just download the configuration with the System.ConfigSync.download_configuration() method which will get you the entire bigip.conf (or bigip_base.conf) files. Granted, you'll have to strip out the pieces you need for just your virtual, but at least all of the configuration objects will be present.





  • Hey,



    thank's for your reply. I assumed this.



    Can i call the bigpipe-tool remotely with iControl?



    I use the bigpipe export on the device to get the actual config and i compare a concatination of


    bigip{,_base,_local_sys}.conf with this. The files not 100 percent identical in some sections.


    What's the better base for configuration, the bigpipe-output or the bigip-config-files?







  • Unfortunately there is no "bigpipe" call from iControl. I actually proposed this to PD a while back but it never made it into the product. Not sure of the best solution for storing output into a way to merge back in. Either way should work as long as you are importing back into a "like" version of LTM.