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Sep 24, 2014

re-writing redirection



I am converting form Cisco ACE to F5.. I need to do the following thing and I am wondering if the rewrite re-direct is the correct method in a http profile.


  1. client requests
  2. gets redirected to
  3. client comes into the LTM and gets offloaded SSL and forwards on port 80 to the web server.
  4. web server has a re-direct on it using only http that I need to get back into SSL to the client.





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  • Yes, redirect rewrite will solve item number 4.


    The initial HTTP to HTTPS redirect (items 1 and 2) can be achieved by applying the built-in 'sys_https_redirect' iRule to the port 80 virtual server, which will redirect to your 443 virtual server with only a client SSL profile applied.