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Jan 15, 2011

RDP Persistence - irule, can it be done

I have a scenario where i have connections coming into a Virtual server on an F5 (v10.2). Source IP address is always the same, i am load-balancing to 16 Terminal Servers (we aren't/can't use Session Directory due to other reasons, nor are clients providing their user name until they have connected).



Load balancing based on least connected member is working perfectly, however I cant seem to get persistence to work, without all connections going to the same TS server.



I was wondering if there is any way that reliable persistence could be done maybe by using an iRule.







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  • Hi Collinz1,


    Here is another post that talks about Best Practices for Terminal servers.






    I hope this helps


  • Thanks for your reply, I have read this doc previously, however our TS environment doesn't use a session directory server, which is where my problem is.
  • you can persist on username, but you have to make sure the clients are configured to send the username (better to be user@domain than domain\user so you get more unique characters) otherwise the username will not be viewable.



    Check out this thread for details on writing an iRule: Click Here
  • I don't think I'm going to be able to get clients to send credentials, which i guess is going to limit my options when it comes to persistence.