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Dec 07, 2023

r5900 Tenant BIG-IP 15.1.5 -> Upgrade

Good day. I am planning to upgrade our r5900 BIG-IP 15.1.5 tenat up to, and this will be our very first BIG-IP upgrade after we migrated it from i7500. When I deployed this BIG-IP tenant ...
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    Dec 07, 2023

    Yes Leo_Song,

    You just need to download BIGIP- and treat it as a normal BIG-IP upgrade.

    F5OS or Velos OS is only applicable on r series Physical hardware or we called HOST or Parent device

    Normal TMOS OS is applicable on VM instances or child machines or guest Machines or in r sreries we call them TENANT like these child VM are on rent like ina building.

    Tenant Upgrades

    Tenants are upgraded via the normal TMOS upgrade process. Find the proper ISO image and ensure it is of a supported rSeries release and upload it into the TMOS tenant. Once uploaded you can upgrade and boot into the new version. Currently rSeries does not allow an upgrade of the tenant from inside the F5OS layer; you must perform the upgrade from inside the tenant.

    NOTE: Currently rSeries does not provide a shared image repository for all tenants to upgrade from. With vCMP guests, iSeries allowed for an image to be loaded once into the host layer, and all tenants had access to that repository to use to upgrade.

    Link for r series Parent/Host Hardware upgrade and lower section talks about TENANT OS upgrades:

    Hope this Helps