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Dec 19, 2013

Question about Persistence Records

So I have a VIP that I'm LB Websense traffic through and I have the persistence set as source IP address. This is on a viprion chassis. My question is if there is any mechanism that truncates that persistence record table on the big-ip. At what point does it if any kill the oldest connection? Is that a threshold that can be set? Currently we have it set at 8 hours as we wanted the user to be persisted to the same websense proxy throughout the day and minimize troubleshooting if an issue did arise.




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  • The source affinity persistence is the default persistence profile. As long as the client’s source address affinity persistence record has not timed out, Local Traffic Manager can successfully return the client to the appropriate pool member. You can create a custom profile with the value you intend to add. It will inherit the rest of the settings from parent profile.


  • You can get information about persistence records by using tmsh cli:

    show ltm persistence persist-records pool pool_name all-properties
    show ltm persistence persist-records virtual virtual_server_name all-properties
    show ltm persistence persist-records node node_name all-properties

    also you can manage it using delete instead of show with appropriate parameters.

  • In this instance though if the persistence value was set to 8 hours is there any point at which point the F5 says I am not going to keep any more persistence records in the able and I am going to kill/truncate the oldest record in my table? I would think you would want this else the F5 could run out of memory from a growing persistence table? Thanks in advance, WWTBIGIP